New Generations - "New"
Youth Exchange Program

Chairperson: Andre Bourdon


To administer the International Youth Exchange Program and liase with selected High Schools for purposes of offering vocational information and to select exchange students. In addition this committee oversees the Interact Club (Rotary for high schools students), Rotaract Club (Rotary for university students), RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award). This committee meets every second Tuesday of the month in the evenings in downtown location. 


Activities 2015-2016:
  • Ran the Adventure in Citizenship Program, bringing in 200 students from all 10 provinces and 3 territories for a 5-day intensive program on Canadian citizenship.
  • Made a $1,000 donation to the Young Citizens Foundation in support of their scholarship program
  • Held a successful Youth Exchange Information Session in November
  • Hosted one long term exchange student from Germany for 2015-2016, Anna Kyewski
  • Monitored our long term outbound exchange student in Japan for 2015-2016, Celia Benhocine
  • Maintained contact and support for rebound student 2015-2016, Kieran Hauser
  • Selected one long term outbound Rotary Youth Exchange student for 2016-17, Rosalind Ward (to Croatia)
  • Long term inbound 2016-2017 exchange student, Kokoro Nakayama from Japan, will be arriving in August 2016
  • Selected incoming Interact President for District RYLA program, yet she had to decline just days before the event
  • Selected and supported one Rotaractor, Kaan Turker Gun, to attend RYLA Washington in July
  • Continued sponsorship of the Rotaract and Interact Clubs of Ottawa
  • Selected, with the help of staff of Lisgar Collegiate, a Lisgar student for the RCO Youth Citizenship Award for outstanding volunteerism , Keshav Goel
  • Selected, with the help of the Rotaract executive, a Rotaract student for the Russ-Hammond Rotaract Award for outstanding volunteerism, Kelsey Swarup – she will receive this award in September 2016 from Rotarian Eva Hammond