Chairperson: Alan Acton 


To undertake fund raising projects and events to permit the operation of committees of the Club to fulfil their mandates. (Meets at the call of the chair –usually once every two months – evening’s downtown location – or before lunch).  We could really use some help here!


Activities in 2015-2016:
  • Raised a total of $77,110 for projects from fundraisers and donations!
    • All That Jazz Golf Tournament, September 2015 (Raised $21,070!)
    • Rotary Fly Day, September 2015 (Raised $10,000 for the Ottawa Rotary Home!)
    • Cash Calendars, December 2015 (Raised $1,720!)
    • Turkey Raffle, December 2015 (Raised $2,570 for Syrian refugee sponsorship!)
    • Syrian Cocktail Reception, November 2015 ($2,100! – with dignitaries in attendance, including Minister John McCallum)
    • Additional Syrian Refugee and miscellaneous donations ($7,650!)
    • Rotary Club of Ottawa Children’s Foundation contribution ($32,000 - $20,000 of which was a special donation to comply with Revenue Canada regulations – attributed to refugee project!)