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Robert E. Wilson Public School is located in Vanier and has a very diverse student population of about 210 students. Their students come from a variety of backgrounds, including many new Canadians and a large Inuit and First Nations population. Many of the families have socioeconomic challenges, meaning the school often helps provide basics such as breakfast, snacks, school supplies, clothing and costs for field trips and other extracurricular activities.  Principal Todd Saunders, the school’s staff and the School Council have worked very hard on the plans and fundraising for the Kindergarten Yard.
School Yard History - The Kindergarten Yard is a small space that until recently featured a small play structure. The structure was removed over the summer, leaving only sand for the students to play with. With play being such a huge part of child development, the school community wants to provide a safe, creative and diverse space for the children to play. Due to the limited space, they are looking at creating a variety of learning areas in the yard rather than putting in a new play structure. These learning areas will allow more students to use them at one time and they will be available for more of the school year, as play structures usually have to be closed from November to to April for safety reasons. We are hoping to build in some First Nations, Metis and Inuit elements to recognize those cultures in our yard.
The Rotary Club of Ottawa is contributing $2000 towards the cost of this project, a sum which has helped the school with its overall fundraising.  The Ottawa Carleton District School Board has now approved the plan and it has moved into the tendering process.  The school hopes that construction on the new play area can begin in the summer of 2017.