They arrived - 156 students from all across Canada and sponsored by Rotary Clubs in their community by car, bus, train and plane, on Saturday, May 13 for four full days of activities, presentations, social events, museums, trips... 
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They left exhausted, uplifted and thankful for an experience none will forget and all will cherish.  Hear their story...
It was the experience of a lifetime / I had lots fun and made new friends! / One of the best experiences I’ve ever had! / This was amazing!! / Time of my life / I wish the trip could’ve lasted longer. / Enjoyed every bit of it! /  such a fantastic experience. / so happy I got to be apart of it. / I’ll remember this trip forever. / One of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. / Awesome! / Friendships that will last a lifetime. / So many great memories. / So many amazing people! / Honestly an experience I will never forget. / Great people from all across the country. / Most incredible experience of my life. / The best trip I’ve ever been on. / I loved all the speakers, presentations, and events! / Thank you for the opportunity. / So many cool people...
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  • I was able to learn so much about what being a Canadian truly means and our responsibilities as the youth of our nation. \
  • The friendships and experiences forged have made me even prouder to be a Canadian citizen.
  • The activities provided were excellent (nothing boring at all). 
  • Very nice to learn more about Canadian Citizenship, great opportunity to visit the House of Commons
  • It was a once in a lifetime experience, and I feel grateful to have been able to meet such a wonderful group of people.
  • I loved the speakers and found the whole experience very eye opening. I met so many new unique, cool people.
  • I hope you keep continue doing this for other kids.
  • It gave me so much knowledge and opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.
  • I have not stopped talking about it since I have gotten home. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to make friends from all over Canada and hear from some of the most inspiring people I have ever met.
  • The best moment for me was being able to see the citizenship ceremony which was truly a life changing experience.
  • Really well put together. 
  • This was one of the best and most influential experiences I have ever endured. 
    It was a beautiful opportunity to reflect on my identity as a resident of Canada.
  • My experience at AIC 2023 was transformative and enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed the itinerary and free periods for socialization. 
    I enjoyed the speakers and the tours of the museums.
  • A cool experience and opportunity, staying on the campus was awesome, and being in our nation's capital was special.
  • It was very organized and an incredible experience! A massive thank you to everyone involved with the planning :)
  • It opened my eyes to how big our nation is and the diversity present in it.
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  • Visiting the House of Commons was a bucket list event for me. It was so wonderful to be immersed in the environment where decisions for Canadians are made.
  • The speakers gave us depth without overpowering us with knowledge. I learned that the Ukrainian conflict is a chance for Canada to step up and offer collective support. 
  • I enjoyed the variety of speakers. The House of Commons was very cool and it was special to meet the Clerk and the Speaker.
  • Visiting the House of Commons was such an amazing opportunity
  • The House of Commons was so cool, unique, and one of a kind.
  • visiting the House of Commons was one of my favourite parts about the trip.
  • It was super cool meeting the Speaker of the House!
  • Seeing MP Yvan Baker vote on a motion using his phone was super cool.
  • The indigenous presentations were informative and interesting.
  • The citizenship ceremony was incredibly touching and beautiful.
  • The citizenship ceremony was by far the most important event I have attended in a long time. To experience firsthand the importance and significance of being Canadian along with others swearing themselves to our flag just meant so much. I am so proud to be Canadian and wouldn’t change it for anything.
  • It was very emotional. You don't realize how easy you have it being born Canadian until you witness the ceremony. It touched my heart and really opened my eyes.
  • The citizenship ceremony was my favourite part of the trip because it was so beautiful and emotional watching people take the oath of citizenship and finally becoming citizens.