On Sunday, February 12 in the middle of what would turn out to be the heaviest snowfall of the season (27 cm), the annual Rotary Club of Ottawa Chilly Chili Sunday event took place.  Rotarian, Robert Therrien, a member of the New Generations committee, “catered” the evening Rotaractor meeting, along with a group of Rotarians.
The Rotaractors showed their spunk, wading through unplowed sidewalks for several kilometers in a few instances, to make it to their evening meeting at Ottawa City Hall.  Some really intrepid skaters took to the ice beforehand on the Rink of Dreams in front of City Hall.
Rotaractors had a choice of several home made chilis, salads and desserts before starting their meeting.  Rotarians were impressed with the very sizeable turnout, with about twenty Rotaractors showing up.  They would have liked to think it was because of the reputation of their chilis but this year’s Rotaractor group has a large and active membership, gearing up to celebrate its 15th year of service with a gala at the Museum of Nature on March 23.