Based on the advice of health officials, most Rotarians will be getting their flu shot to help minimize the impact on our health system as we move into the second wave of COVID19. As we work towards a vaccine for COVID today, we are nearing the end of another battle that Rotary International has been waging for decades, and the largest global health initiative ever - the eradication of polio. We are SO CLOSE to eradicating this terrible disease which now only exists in two countries. The below video demonstrates the work that has been done and why a zero count matters. We are very lucky to have access to vaccines and the health care that we have - so we would challenge all of our friends, family, and fellow Rotarians - if you are going to get your flu shot this season, make a donation of $20.20 towards helping make this vaccine available to everyone who needs it, and give 2020 new meaning. The added benefit?? Every donation made is generously matched 2 to 1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, tripling your contribution!
To find out more about why zero matters, check out this video!