Since 1951...
In 1951, the Rotary Club of Ottawa established its annual "Adventure in Citizenship" Program in which some 200 senior high school students from across Canada spend four days in Ottawa experiencing tours, lectures, discussions and social events designed to enhance their understanding and appreciation of Canadian citizenship. Public figures including former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, the Right Hon. Joe Clark, and the Hon. Ed Broadbent participated in the program as students.  Even facing the Covid-19 pandemic, the program was delivered online with participants from across the country.

This annual event is a unique opportunity for young Canadians to come together to gain a better understanding of our country. Through meetings with political leaders, senior officials and others, they learn a great deal about the foundations and workings of our democratic institutions. And by meeting other young Canadians and having discussions among themselves, they learn to appreciate the diversity of Canada and the privileges and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.
We have recently written to clubs across Canada with early details about the 2022 program.  Read our message here.
Heather Taylor and
Thomas Morin-Cabana
Program Committee Chairs, 2022
Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program

Our supporting partners: 
Canadian Heritage - Exchanges Canada
Canadian Human Rights Commission
Centre for Conflict Resolution International
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Elections Canada
National Capital Commission (NCC)
Parliamentary Page Program
Speaker and Clerk of the House of Commons
University of Ottawa
Young Citizen’s Foundation
Rotary Adventure in Citizenship
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