The Membership Process

We are always anxious to meet people who are truly interested in the ideals of service and belonging to a Rotary Club. Often a person being considered for membership is invited to attend one or more club meetings to learn more about Rotary. The sponsor, a Rotarian, may then submit the name of the candidate to the club’s membership committee. An individual, who is interested in membership but does not know any Rotarians, may contact the club directly at


Qualified candidates for Rotary club membership are adults of good character and business, professional, or community reputation who fit one of the following criteria: 


  • Hold or have held an executive position with a recognized business or profession 
  • Serve(d) as a community leader 
  • Is a Rotary alumnus (e.g. former Rotary exchange student, Rotary Scholar, Rotaract)
All candidates should also demonstrate a commitment to service through personal involvement, be able to meet the club’s attendance and community project participation requirements, and live or work in the vicinity of the club or the surrounding area.   

Time - the Rotary Club generally meets Mondays at 12:15 pm for a lunch meeting. Members are expected to attend lunch meetings at least 50% of the time. Additionally, members participate in at least 2 active committees.


Financial - annual membership fees are $295.00 per year, payable in full each July lst. The lunch meeting costs $25. 


There is much opportunity for service in our club and we are happy to have service orientated people join our midst. For more information, please contact us. 

Margot Nicholls
What is Rotary?