Members:   Richard Shantz, Chairman;  Alan Acton;  Gib Patterson;   Colin Rousseaux;  Jennifer Williams;  Blair Davidson
Our committee is in need of new members to replace those who have stepped down.     New members will also open up new ideas!
Activities 2015-2016:
  • Raised a total of $77,110 for projects from fundraisers and donations!
    • All That Jazz Golf Tournament, September 2015 (Raised $21,070!)
    • Rotary Fly Day, September 2015 (Raised $10,000 for the Ottawa Rotary Home!)
    • Cash Calendars, December 2015 (Raised $1,720!)
    • Turkey Raffle, December 2015 (Raised $2,570 for Syrian refugee sponsorship!)
    • Syrian Cocktail Reception, November 2015 ($2,100! – with dignitaries in attendance, including Minister John McCallum)
    • Additional Syrian Refugee and miscellaneous donations ($7,650!)
    • Rotary Club of Ottawa Children’s Foundation contribution ($32,000 - $20,000 of which was a special donation to comply with Revenue Canada regulations – attributed to refugee project!)