John Lark, President of the Rotary Club of Ottawa 2016-17


President John opened his remarks with a tribute to Past President Julie Cugalj, whom he described as a truly excellent mentor. Julie introduced John and they exchanged Rotary presidential pins.

John then introduced the new Executive: President-Elect Charles Melchers, Vice-President Kateri Clark and new/returning Directors, Sally Burks, Robert Therrien, Rouba Al-Fattal and Campbell Osler.

John delivered his opening message to the club, stressing the importance of individual members. In his year, he will focus on fellowship, and helping Rotarians work together and be more effective. He also plans to encourage more classification talks in order to better know our fellow members.

President John added that our Club needs to be more flexible, acknowledging the participation of members in committee work and other activities, rather than merely focusing on attendance at lunches.

2016-17 is a year of transition; those who wish to change their committee responsibilities need to develop new replacement candidates in a timely fashion for best continuity.

In acknowledging our District #7040 Governor Nabil, members were reminded of the District Conference this October. Let's plan for a strong turnout from our club!

Overall, an inspiring message from our new Club President!