Our International Service Committee helped women and children in many of the most dire places in the world in 2022-2023.  Read more below... 
Izmir Rotary Club in Turkey
Our donation of $1,000 is to support the Rotary Club of Izmir, in partnership with the municipality of Izmir, to help women and children displaced by the earthquake in the eastern part of the country. Many lost husbands and fathers and must now support their families. The project offers a training place, trainers, and supplies. A local partner, Agean Textile and Clothing Producers Association, will help with fabrics, yarns, and sales as well. The training place will provide an activity centre for children while the mothers are being trained.
TEMBO, Tanzania
Our donation of $3,000 targeted young girls preparing entry to high school with special skills, including English language, math, and sciences programs. Each girl receives a new school trunk filled with pink sheets and a warm blanket, books for school, a new school uniform and a healthy sanitation kit. The 10-room facility is located in Longido District Learning Centre. Open all year around, the centre provides informal education to children and health programs for women.  
Elimu, Kenya
Our donation of $3,000 went to help educate children including computer literacy programs focusing on girls. Elimu Resource Centre in Malindi, Kenya, provides support also to single young mothers with sewing classes and other skills to become independent and productive members of their community. 
Our donation of $2,000 to Red Cross Canada is to help with the supply of safe drinking water, sanitation infrastructure, and promotion of hygiene practices to reduce disease outbreaks affecting many children.   
Our donation of $1,000 to Doctors without Borders is to assist with the provision of health services affected by the earthquake in Aleppo province where 60 percent of buildings, including health facilities, were destroyed.          
ShelterBox Canada
Our donation of $2,000 is to support the efforts of emergency shelter relief in Ukraine.