Remember, Mother’s Day is May 9th!  
Is COVID keeping you indoors?  Can’t shop for the celebration?  We have the solution for you! Trees.  Yes, trees.
Rotary Ottawa wants you to consider a Mother’s Day gift of trees.  No shop, no fuss and mom will enjoy making the world a better place and doing our bit to save the planet.
Rotary Ottawa asks you to help us plant dozens and dozens of trees on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  To purchase your bunch of trees for Mom for £12, click on the link: Give a dozen trees this Mother's Day - International Tree Foundation and see how many dozen trees we can plant in Western Uganda!  
Uganda and other sub-Saharan African countries have seen decimation of their forests to the extent that individuals have little fuel to cook on.  Only planned planting and many years of care can rectify the situation. The trees that you buy for your mom will be planted, nurtured and protected to ensure their survival for years and years to come.
As a recognition of your donation, you will receive a digital postcard about your trees; you can send on to your Mother or print it out.
Your loving gift of a dozen trees (a tree bouquet!) to your Mom for Mother’s Day shows your appreciation for Mother Earth and benefits Mothers and families in Uganda.  

Your gift supports:
 - Rotary’s Areas of Focus:  Supporting Environment, Community Economic Development
 - Benefits:  Soil Conservation, Food Production (Agroforestry), Reforestation Livelihood Improvement, Supporting Women Farmers and their families.

Feel free to share this invitation with your neighbours, friends and family, and thank you for your support!
To purchase your tree go to directly through the International Tree Foundation’s (ITF) website.
By the way, there is no limit on how many dozen trees that you can purchase!  So spread the word and help our mothers and those mothers in Uganda with the gift of trees for their children, their country and our environment. Thank you for supporting this program!
Sherri Kelly
Chair, Environment Committee
Rotary Ottawa
Trees are purchased directly through the International Tree Foundation’s (ITF) website.  Founded in 1922, ITF is a charity that works to plant trees and restore forests, strengthen community and ecosystems, provide sustainable fuel, food and medicine for households and markets, and support community groups towards forest conservation.