Thanks for an amazing trip!  I went to Ottawa being a proud Canadian, and cam home so much prouder than before.  I have such a greater appreciation for the best country in the world.  Canada!  I met so many people from coast to coast, who all may live in different places, but all share the common Canadian Identity! 
— Sawn Nicholson, Halifax, Nova Scotia
The experience in Ottawa has been nothing but absolutely amazing!  
— Cherry Fung, West Vancouver, British Columbia
I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing, like-minded individuals, and I know that many of us will be the leaders of tomorrow
— Ivy Wang, London, Ontario‚Ä® 
This year’s program inspired 220 kids from around this country to be better people, to do more, and to be more.  It gave us once in a lifetime opportunities to meet wonderful people, see amazing sights, and grow in ways that we never though possible. 
— Zach Gorham, Spring Coulee, Alberta