The program evolves from year to year in response to the changing political agenda of the country and to new opportunities. The following is a brief description of a typical in-person program:
Day 1: The Adventure begins with introductions and our opening plenary session with a keynote speaker and a mock election for the program's Prime Minster is announced. After lunch, the Adventurer's enjoy a tour of the city and its many historical sites, followed by a visit to a national museum. The first day ends in the Province of Quebec with a French Canadian traditional dinner and music provided by a group of Quebec fiddlers.
Day 2: The students spend the morning in discussions with the Speaker and staff members of the House of Commons and tour the Parliament Buildings. They prepare for election style debates later in the day. The afternoon program includes an opportunity to meet with Foreign and Canadian Diplomats from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The evening ends with an informal supper and an Adventurer run talent show highlighting the student's diverse talents!
Day 3: Students spend the morning discussing the importance of social engagement; an important topic for their afternoon election. They interact with local Rotaractors as well as national and international leaders in social justice. After lunch, there is an interactive presentation on voting, human rights, and peace and conflict resolution. The day closes with the announcement of the Program's Prime Minister, followed by a dinner/ dance.
Day 4: The Adventurers attend a special sitting of the Citizenship Court where they will have the privilege of participating in and witnessing new Canadians receiving their citizenship. The Adventure in Citizenship program closes with a farewell lunch where our guest speakers are the Adventurers themselves (the Prime Minister, plus representatives from each province and territory). The students are joined by host families and other dignitaries for our final farewell.