President's Message
Dear Rotarians and friends,
I'm honoured to be elected president for the Rotary Club of Ottawa for 2021-2022.
I'm looking forward to working with you to help people in need -- locally and abroad -- and especially women and children. Our board members, as well as our club members, are knowledgeable, experienced and committed to supporting humanitarian welfare and building lasting fellowship.
As our club’s president for this year, I will make every effort to ensure we work as a team. It’s important that our undertakings are well-planned, endorsed by the club, and their results widely shared.  Ensuring that we are all informed will help us harness our resources and benefit from the participation and help of each member.
Our recent new members will add energy and new ideas to our club and its work, and they will benefit from the Rotary experience and allow us to serve our community better.  Furthermore, I am hopeful we soon will be able to meet again in person, getting to know each other, and working closely to make a positive difference for others.  
In Rotary Service,
Ché Weist