We first supported this project in 2017/18 in partnership with the RC of Bujumbura and an NGO, “Computers for Schools Burundi”. The project equipped one School with 20 computers, the training of 3 teachers and the administration cost for the project. Our contribution of C$4500 was supplemented by USD530 from the local Rotary club and a contribution of USD250 from Computers For Schools Burundi. This project is allowing at least 1,120 youths and elderly to acquire practical ICT skills that will contribute significantly to advancing their social and economic status within Burundi.
A second, larger phase of the project seeks to equip six additional schools. The second phase of the project is seeking assistance from other Rotary Clubs in Canada and the U.S. As well as a grant from RI.  At the moment, the project is still in fund-raising mode.  The RCO has made a contribution of $2000 this year towards the Phase II project.