Corporate Membership
Recognizing the growing importance that corporations and organizations place on corporate social responsibility, the Club has created the corporate membership initiative. Corporate memberships invite corporations to participate in giving back to the community through the well-organized systems and structures of Rotary. Membership in Rotary offers an excellent vehicle for staff leadership development. The Club provides a medium to learn about community needs in a variety of areas and learn about and participate in fundraising and volunteering in ways that truly impact the community.
Benefits for Corporate Members
The Rotary Club of Ottawa has created a Corporate Membership program with specific benefits that will elevate your corporate or organizational profile in Ottawa and Canada, strengthen your leadership team and support you in your team building efforts.
Meeting Hosting
Every 12-18 months our Corporate Members will be provided with the opportunity to shape and lead one of our Rotary Club meetings. The frequency of the Corporate Member-lead Rotary meetings is intended to be every 3-4 months and will be adjusted based on the number of Corporate Members.
Social Media and Website Recognition
Every Corporate Member will be entitled to an annual sponsorship advertisement through the Club’s social media channels and website.
Team Building Opportunities Rotary will endeavor to work with its Corporate Members to facilitate Corporate Team building opportunities associated with Rotary’s volunteer opportunities.
For information on the benefits and obligations of being a corporate member of the Rotary Club of Ottawa, please contact us.  
Join us as a Corporate Member of the Rotary Club of Ottawa!
To apply for membership, download an application and follow the instructions.